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Hurricane Harvey after effects felt in Eagle Lake

While the city of Eagle Lake was spared compared to surrounding areas during Hurricane Harvey Aug. 28 – 29, the catastrophic weather event still affected the city indirectly. Children in the area got an extra week off, as Rice Consolidated ISD offi[ M O R E ]

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- Rising waters force Calhoun Road residents to higher ground

Residents along Calhoun Road just outside of Eagle Lake were awakened by rising waters from the nearby Colorado River early Tuesday morning. The severely swollen river is a result of the treacherous rains the area received during Hurricane Harvey A...

- City grants E.H. Henry Corporation more time

In one of several public hearings conducted on substandard structures throughout the city, Eagle Lake City Council decided to grant the E.H. Henry Corporation 150 days to demolish the worst of the structures on the former school property at the Aug.2...

- Eagle Lake’s ETJ: what is it?

There has been a term used in several Eagle Lake city council meetings lately that may be unfamiliar to many - extraterritorial jurisdiction, or more commonly known as ETJ. At the July 25 Eagle Lake city council meeting, Mayor Mary Parr presented a...

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Colorado County Courthouse Report

Eleven individuals were sentenced in Colorado County District Court on Tuesday, Aug. 22, before Judge Jessica Crawford. They included: --Kevin Lyle Behne, 57, of Columbus, driving while intoxicated-third or more offense, probation revoked, four ye...


- Views Around The Lake by Cindy Klopsteck

"How few wizards realize just how much we can learn from the wise little gnomes."    -- "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" by J.K. Rowling School starting, solar eclipse flaring, hurricane raging, riots disguising as demonstrations...there ha...

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