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County Commissioners Approve $450,000 Road Grant Agreement

Colorado County commissioners, meeting on Monday, April 14, approved an agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation for a $451,205 grant for road repairs.

The money is through the County Transportation Infrastructure Fund Grant Program.

To qualify for the grant, the county in February had set up a special taxing zone to allow the county to apply for the grant.

The amount awarded is approximately $81,000 more than the county originally expected.

The county is required to match 20 percent of the total grant.

The commissioners had earlier identified a list of 20 road projects for possible funding, but said they might be able to expand that list because of the additional funds.

In a related matter, commissioners agreed to schedule a presentation from a representative of GrantWorks, a consulting company, about the possibility of the company handling the administration of the grant funds.

Commissioners noted that they had also been told that the county could administer the grant itself.

In other action, commissioners:

--Agreed to set a date for a public hearing for on proposal to rename the southern portion of County Road 230, south of Weimar, from the intersection of FM 155 to the intersection of County Road 273, a distance of 2.9 miles. The proposed name would be Harmony Road.

Commissioner Darrell Kubesch, in whose precinct the road is located, said he had been approached in the past about changing the name of the southern portion. The road currently makes a loop with the northern portion also intersecting FM 155.

In the past, he said, there is often confusion about which portion of County Road 230 to dispatch calls for service.

He said five property owners who live on the portion that would be renamed support the change.

He said the name Harmony is name of the old school that was located in that area.

--Gave authority for the sheriff to advertise for jailers. Sheriff R.H. (Curly) Wied said there were three current vacancies.

--Approved a resolution of appreciation for the Intermediate Sanction Facility in Gonzales providing labor to paint at the probation building.

--Adopted Robertís Rules of Order to be used during commissioners court meetings.

--Approved purchase of a new conference table for a conference room at the courthouse at a cost of $1,200 to $1,500. They agreed to discuss whether to purchase chairs at a later date.

--Approved on a 4-1 vote, hiring Purity Pressure Washing of Columbus to clean the exterior of the museum water tower at $950. If a lift has to be rented that would increase the cost by $450.

Commissioner Kubesch voted against the expenditure.

He said he felt the cleaning was not needed at this time, with the tight budget situation the county is facing.

Commissioner Doug Wessels noted that the county is responsible for the upkeep of the exterior of the building.

Commissioners earlier this year had said they were not interested in cleaning the exterior at this time, citing concerns about possible expense.

But Commissioner Tommy Hahn said he was approached about the cleaning by Jonathan Dooley with Purity Pressure Washing. He said that Dooley would not be using high pressure that could damage mortar.

--Agreed to hire an appraiser to appraise the county owned Opportunity Center Building at 1003 Old Altair Road, which is now closed. The county had previously discussed selling or leasing the building.   [-end of story-]


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