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Commissioners Approve Bridge Repair on Brune’s Mill Road

Colorado County commissioners, meeting on Monday, May 23, approved a contract to rebuild a bridge on Brune’s Mill Road that had been washed in April flooding, for $215,650.

The bid was awarded to Wakefield Bridge Inc. of Wharton, the lower of two received, as an emergency repair item.

The bridge will be 92 feet long and 28 feet wide.

In other action, commissioners:

--Were told that Hannah Krebs has been appointed the new Consumer Sciences Agent in Colorado County for the AgriLife Extension Service, effective June 1.

Krebs will replace Janis Pfeffer, who had retired earlier.

Krebs has worked for the Extension Service in Jackson County for the past year and grew up in Colorado County.

“I’m very excited to be here in Colorado County,” she said.

“Thank you for this opportunity.

Krebs was introduced by Donnie Montemayor, the AgriLife Service district administrator.

--Heard from two students at the Eagle Lake Challenge Academy about the positive experience they have had there.

--Approved a proposal for new computer software for the district clerk’s office.

“It’s out of date and it doesn’t work,” District Clerk Linda Holman told commissioners.

The commissioners agreed to a contract with $14,200 for the first year and $8,400 for the second through fifth years of the contract.

--Approved a change in an order prohibiting keeping of Dangerous Wild Animals in the county to include “non-domestic venomous snakes and large non-domestic snakes and reptiles.”

County Judge Ty Prause said he put the item on the agenda after he had visited with Fayette County Judge Ed Janecka, who had told him that commissioners there had enacted that ban after concern about a business that proposed to come to Fayette County that would have displays of such snakes.

--Approved a holiday schedule for 2017, keeping the same number of county holidays at 13.

The next meeting of the Colorado County Commissioners will take place Monday, June 6 at 9 a.m. in the Colorado County Courthouse.  [-end of story-]


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