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Study Shows Best Western Best Choice For Eagle Lake Hotel

The Eagle Lake City Council met Tuesday, April 11 and discussed the feasibility study that was done by Source Strategies for a possible hotel in Eagle Lake.

During a council meeting on February 14 the council members approved having the study conducted.

This feasibility study determines what size hotel or motel that will suit the city, town or even if it is a good idea to place a hotel or motel in that city or town.

City Manager Sylvia Rucka informed council that the feasibility study done by Source Strategies has been completed.

We got the study back from Doug Sutton, he has given us an overview of the study. He does think that Eagle Lake can support at 50-unit hotel and hes recommending Best Western and it would take about two acres. Rucka said. He has given us a contact for Best Western which we were going to contact if council accepts this study.

Council unanimously approved the feasibility study .

Council received another update on the E.H. Henry Historical Corporation security and maintenance of the property.

Wilbert Williams once again returned to informed council that mowing has been completed.

I will tell you this, I have no problem with the mowing, its just where you stopped mowing where you stopped, they seem to stop there every time and my house is where all the other stuff is and there are rodents that are living there and I keep repeating myself and Im tired of repeating myself. Eagle Lake City Councilmen Alex Ramirez said. But there is a little bit of everything over there and its not being completed. To me completed is when everything is cut and its not.

Williams responded, we are just going to have to figure out a way to clear out that area.

He also informed council that part of the gym collapsed, the west side over the stage area of the gym collapsed. Its on top of the stage and on the floor inside. That whole west side you can see the sky in the back of it. When it collapsed it brought the roof down and it is just kind of hanging on the walls south side facing the primary school, Williams said.

It raises a bigger concern now, the other part of the roof that is still there looks like it could collapse at any minute, Eagle Lake City Councilman Benny Landrum said.

Williams went on to inform council that security of the building was underway, we have set up an account with Lake Lumber and we will start securing the gym, he said.

Council asked Williams to return to the next council meeting to give another update.

Other business

Council unanimously approved Revitalize Eagle Lake to apply for funding through the Great Texas Birding Classic Conservation Grant for improvements to the park. The grant can go up to $2,000 and the deadline is May 1.

Council unanimously approved requested street closures for the Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations in order to have another Eagle Lake Alive event. The date is set for Friday, June 2.

Council unanimously approved the renewal of a grant for traffic control of commercial motor vehicles in Eagle Lake.

The grant amount is $8,165 with a match of $1,968, which can be in kind services (car, fuel, insurance, etc.).

The next regular meeting of the Eagle Lake City Council will take place April 25 at 7 p.m.   [-end of story-]


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