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Study Club Auction Raises Over $56,000

The Eagle Lake Study Club held their 35th annual auction and dinner benefitting the Eula and David Wintermann Library on Saturday, September 20 at the Eagle Lake Community Center.

The auction was reported to be a huge success, with over 200 people in attendance.

This year’s fundraiser brought in $56,113. This amount included $24,345 generated from the main auction, $3,771 from the silent auction, bakery booth sales totaled $1,218, benefit ticket sales were $23,230, “Last Man Standing” game raised $1,295 and other miscellaneous donations brought in $2,254.

Following are the items, donors and purchasers from the main auction: child’s bicycle, donated by Friend of the Library, purchased by James Hoffman;

Large basket of Rice Goodies, donated by Eagle Lake Rice Dryer, purchased by Benny Landrum; Santa Claus with tree and skis, donated by Brenda and Wayne Corman, purchased by Michael Schorlemmer;

Bench that converts to picnic table, donated by Bonnie Halkett and Leslie and John Carey, purchased by Michael Grigar; gourmet dinner for 8, donated by Memorial for Dr. Ray Thomas by Mrs. Elfe Thomas, Dr. and Mrs. Russell Thomas, and Mr. and Mrs. Bret Pardue, purchased by 3TK Cattle Company;

Four HLSR tickets with parking, donated by Judi and Jack Johnson, purchased by Vickie Kelley; Goose hunt for 2 with 1 night lodging at Wingswept during the week (date to be decided), donated by Tim Kelley with Waterfowl Outfitters Unlimited, purchased by Brian Dodson;

Wine and Nibbles Basket, donated by Barbara and James Hoffman, purchased by Mary Kay Cook; 2 night stay – Pot Belly Stove Bed & Breakfast in Fredricksburg, donated by Heidi and Buddy Mills, purchased by Michael Schorlemmer;

Basket of baked goods, donated by Dr. and Mrs. Ray Cantu, and Mickey and Erin Glueck, purchased by Laura Myres; Cardinal Painting by Becky Marsalia, donated by Baumgart Insurance Agency, purchased by Vance Duncan; Brighton jewelry (necklace, earrings and bracelet), donated by Pat and Bob Cook, purchased by Ralph Morgan;

Child’s wagon, donated by Friend of the Library, purchased by Gary Rucka; Gourmet dinner and wine pairing for 10 at Wingswept featuring Chef Tony Messina, donated by Trent Kelley, purchased by Jim Wiese and friends;

Cake a month for 1 year, donated by Vicki and Clark Powers, purchased by Susan Spalinger Phillips; Vintage waterfowl crystal lamp, donated by Terri and Ralph Morgan, purchased by Brian Dodson; Fall or Christmas Holiday luncheon for 8, donated by Beverly Taylor, purchased by Laura Myres;

Estate planning package, donated by Terri Morgan, purchased by Randall Spalinger; Fly fishing outing for 5 couples at Loessin – Whorton Hilltop Farm’s Alepo Pond on 102 with dinner afterward (spring or early summer), donated by Dr. and Mrs. Elbert Whorton and Mr. and Mrs. R. Greg Mason, purchased by Ralph Morgan;

Cedar couch table, donated and made by Joe Duncan, purchased by Mary Kay Cook; Certificate for a 30 gallon tree, donated by Glueck Tree Farm, purchased by Harry Anderson; 2 night stay for 2 at Cherokee Bed and Breakfast in Cherokee, TX (near Llano), donated by Sam and Wanda Center, purchased by David Schorlemmer;

Barbequed Ham, donated by Austin’s BBQ and Catering, purchased by Baumgart Insurance Agency;

Four basketball tickets with parking, Texas A&M vs. Youngstown State on Saturday, December 13, donated by Hlavinka Equipment Company, purchased by Sharon Wegenhoft’ Goose hunt for 8 at the Vineyard with breakfast afterward at the duck house, donated by Linda and Steve Balas, purchased by Louis Schorlemmer; Cookies a month for a year, donated by Christine Owen, purchased by Dan Gertson;

Christmas tree decorating – recipient’s tree and decorations but with a twist and adding a few of her own decorations/creations, donated by Lynn Rucka, purchased by Trent Kelley;

Two night stay for 2 at Pot Belly Stove Bed and Breakfast in Fredericksburg, donated by Heidi and Buddy Mills, purchased by Clark and Vicki Powers;

Benelli Nova 12-guage shotgun, donated by Trent Kelley, purchased by David Schorlemmer; Portrait session, donated by Christi Stancik, purchased by Terri Morgan;

Glass totem for a garden, donated by Elaine Hickey, purchased by Laura Myres; Child’s John Deere wagon, donated by Shoppa’s, purchased by Laura Horn; Electric power washer, donated by Randall Spalinger, purchased by Mary Kay Cook;

Large Whiskey Barrel, donated by Furniture Shoppe, purchased by Penny Henske; Windchime, donated by Wildseed Farms and John and Marilyn Thomas, purchased by Michael Rucka;

Twenty lb turkey dinner, gravy, dressing, and bread pudding. Donated by Doug and Janie Schwemm and Sportsman’s Catering, purchased by Lynn Rucka; Cooler of beer, left over from the evening’s fundraiser, purchased by Clayton Bowen;

Cooler of beer, left over from the evening’s fundraiser, purchased by Wiese Crop Insurance; 6 chicken dinner, left over from the evening’s fundraiser, purchased by Denise Cook.

Following are the items, donors and purchasers from the silent auction: Mammogram, donated by Rice Medical Center, purchased by Vickie Kelley;

Lipid profile, donated by Rice Medical Center, purchased by Tom Kelley; 3 speed rotary tool, donated by NAPA Auto Parts, purchased by Troy Webb; 3 tier marble server, donated by Ernie and Lonnie Sommerlatte, purchased by Brian Dodson, Homeade birdhouse, donated by Esta Kerr and Larry Lippman, purchased by Josie Ibahay;

James Avery choker with blue pendant, donated by Bobbe and Art Guerra, purchased by Mary Baxter; Necklace and earrings, donated by Grace Dell and Michael Cooper, purchased by JaNeen Richter.

More to come next week.   [-end of story-]


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