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Keep Your Voice Sound

Whether answering the phone, chatting with coworkers, or even letting loose on karaoke nights, your voice helps you connect with others. It acts as a reflection of your personality, mood, and health. Experts estimate that nearly 18 million adults… [ M O R E ]

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- Did You Know?

One of the ways homeowners can keep their lawns looking lush and green is to aerate the turf when the need arises. Aerators perforate the soil with small holes. These holes allow air, nutrients and water to penetrate all the way to the roots, hel...

- Five Weekend Projects To Try Now

Home improvement projects range from major construction overhauls like bathroom remodeling jobs to smaller renovations that may entail something as minor as painting the walls. Smaller projects can often be conquered in a typical weekend but still pr...

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Study Shows Best Western Best Choice For Eagle Lake Hotel

The Eagle Lake City Council met Tuesday, April 11 and discussed the feasibility study that was done by Source Strategies for a possible hotel in Eagle Lake. During a council meeting on February 14 the council members approved having the study condu...

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